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Born to be creative

Kimberly Fraser - Artisan loves spending time walking on the beach in her home town


I have been a ‘creative’ for as long as I can remember.

I learned to knit, stitch, and bake from my mother and grandmothers at an early age.

I have taken many courses to pursue my creative passions over the years including painting, fibre arts, photography, and writing. I love to master new creative skills! I addition to daily writing I spend time in my studio space, Starfish Studios–named for my love of the beach, creating jewelry, mixed fibre wearable art, sewing, and playing. I sell my work at a few local markets and boutiques.

Loving my fibre! Right now I am making wraps and ponchos from the softest woolens and cashmere that I have hunted for and carefully prepared and felted for new designs!

Loving my beads! Making jewelry is my mainstay using the finest semi-precious gemstones, swarovski crystal and silver!

Loving sewing by hand and machine. I quilt sew some garments from patterns, but mainly I’m an intuitive sewist and restyle often. I am an embroiderer and learning to do it with beads–tedious, but meditative.

Sew much to learn!

Markets & Boutiques

Places to find Kim’s designs

Kim’s Online Boutique

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  • Please feel free to contact Kim for a private viewing of her designs.

    Boutiques Shows

    • Revolution Boutique – 2018 – 2020
    • Caravan Clothing – 2021

    Upcoming Markets

    • To find out where Kim will be showcasing her designs & artwork, please fill out the contact form below.

      Author, Educator, Yogi, Artisan

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      Author / Co-author of over 75 manuscripts, book chapters, curricula, research reports, 3 Books & numerous essays on caregiving, creativity, and health.

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      Individual, Group and Organization Hourly Coaching Sessions. Facilitation of Workshops, Retreats, or Group Events.

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      Yoga Sessions

      Certified Yoga Teacher offering sessions to individuals, small groups and larger group events including workshops, conferences, and retreats.

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      Kim's artwork includes painting, fibre arts, photography, clothing, jewelry and more.

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