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Dr. Kimberly Fraser is an educator, speaker & coach

Dr. Kimberly Fraser – educator, author and speaker, workshop facilitator and creativity coach, and champion for family caregiving.

Through my many years as a nurse, health care leader, researcher, and educator in the area of community and home care, I came to understand family caregiving and the needs of clients and their family members. My professional work continues to be aimed at improving the plight of family caregivers, not only in Canada, but around the world. 

Kimberly’s book, The Accidental Caregiver: Wisdom and guidance for the unexpected challenges of family caregiving (2022), is published by Sutherland House and is available at your favourite local bookstore, on Indigo or Amazon, or Sutherland House.


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I offer engaging, hands-on approaches in most of my workshops, unless a specific style is requested.  Workshops are offered as hourly, half-day or full day events. Perfect for a creative session or pre-conference activity within any sector!

Selected workshops previously delivered:

  • Strategic planning and development sessions for small and medium-sized private or not-for-profit organizations
  • Career planning and coaching for Nurses and Nurse Entrepreneurs
  • Creative visioning for personal growth and/or goal realization.  I have a unique approach to goal setting and creative visualization. Regardless of the specific topic, you will leave with a plan.
  • Creativity visioning and coaching for writers, bloggers, or art journalists
  • Write your life: Innovative strategies to get your story from your head to the page
  • Writing workshops for experienced and novice writers

Speaker, Facilitator, Coach

Offerings for Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, Artisans & Writers

As a former applied researcher, I am practical in my approach. In addition, I bring my skills as a knowledge translation expert and arts-based researcher to my speaking and facilitation engagements. I use innovative and unique tools in my work with individuals and groups as I invite people to think differently, tap into their subconscious minds, and think outside of usual parameters. I provide strategies participants can apply to their work and daily life.

In addition to my formal education, I am a Creativity Coach, having studied with the Creativity Coaching Association and Eric Maisel, Ph.D., a psychotherapist and one of America’s foremost teachers in creativity coaching. I am also certified by the Canadian Federation of Executive and Life Coaches and primarily offer sessions for groups in workshop settings and workplaces.

Selected workshops previously offered

On business and entrepreneurship
Are You Thinking of Starting a Health Care Business?

I can help! This session will enlighten the audience with the realities of private enterprise within publicly funded health and education systems.

I offer both entrepreneurs and socialpreneurs an opportunity to rethink their vision and question the feasibility, marketability, and profitability of their business ideas to make them work!

Nurse Entrepreneurship: How do you know 'business' is for you?

I will share my experiences as a nurse entrepreneur from the education and health sectors, having grown two successful businesses. I will lead you to consider what it takes for success in highly competitive marketplaces as you assess your commitment to your plan and identify your needs.

 On Caregiving
Strengthening Workplaces and Workplace Policy to Support Family Caregiving

Growing trends in family caregiving and its impact on couples, children, families, communities and society have garnered my focused attention as well as the attention of researchers just like me. With the spotlight on continuing care and family caregiving, in part due to the COVID Pandemic, it’s time to bring what we know to audiences around the globe as we press for creative solutions to a growing societal issue. Family caregivers are resilient and resourceful in their caregiving, but their work is largely unsupported.\

I will provide an up close and personal look at the real-life experiences I witnessed in working with family caregivers for more than 25 years.

I will engage audiences in meaningful discussions as they consider what their approach to family caregiving might look like.

I will tailor my talks to any group using a variety of interactive activities depending on the format and audience needs.

    Caring and Compassionate Service Delivery that Supports both the Client and their Family Caregiver

    Identify what you need to change to develop your staff into those who deliver the best possible care to clients and while supporting the family caregiver. Use that knowledge to design a plan to make it happen.

    If you are an organization that serves a client base of older persons or those with specific needs, I can help you make a difference in the lives of your clients or residents and the family caregivers who support them.

    With my experience of employing thousands of health care and support staff, I will share measures that are cost-effective, implementable, and meaningful to the people in your care.


    Executive Coaching for Groups

    Customized for various-sized groups of entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations to help them move forward by thinking outside the box. Contact me for details to see if  I am the right fit for you and your organization.

    Creativity Coaching for Groups

    Customized for groups of emerging and experienced artisans and writers. Contact me for details to see if I can help you become unstuck, focus your desires and move forward.

    Individual Coaching

    Limited packages available for individual executive and creativity coaching. Contact me with your specific request to see if there is a package that is right for you.

    New Book Release

    The Care Book

    The Care Book by Kimberly Fraser

    The Care Book

    A planning and resource guide to support your journey from accidental to intentional caregiving

    Kimberly Fraser
    Publish Date: Oct. 10, 2023

    Published by Sutherland House and is available at your favourite local bookstore, on Chapters.Indigo,  Amazon, or Sutherland House.

    Author, Educator, Yogi, Artisan

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    Author / Co-author of over 75 manuscripts, book chapters, curricula, research reports, 3 Books & numerous essays on caregiving, creativity, and health.

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    Individual, Group and Organization Hourly Coaching Sessions. Facilitation of Workshops, Retreats, or Group Events.

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    Yoga Sessions

    Certified Yoga Teacher offering sessions to individuals, small groups and larger group events including workshops, conferences, and retreats.

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    Kim's artwork includes painting, fibre arts, photography, clothing, jewelry and more.

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