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Kimberly Fraser holding her Yoga Certification
Kimberly Fraser practicing yoga in her home studio
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My yoga practice

I began my yoga journey in 2009 and never looked back. As a former fitness leader, my fitness activities ebbed and flowed over the years through love affairs with aerobics, pilates, strength building, etc. I like to keep active and lower back pain, which sometimes limited my movement, led me to yoga. Within 3 months, I had minimal pain and much more flexibility in my spine.

I strive for functional fitness. To me, the end goal is what is important, and that is to keep on moving. I consider Yoga for Today in Sherwood Park my home studio, whether in person or on Zoom at home in my private studio space. I practice Hatha-intermediate Hatha, strength-based Hatha, Yin, realignment, and others.

My approach to yoga teaching

I am a 500-hour certified yoga teacher and offer sessions to individuals and small groups, and at workshops, conferences, and retreats. My sessions are typically all-levels Hatha with adaptations and/or modifications as needed. I bring principles of realignment into many of my classes and believe that yoga is for everybody and every body, regardless of experience or ability.

I teach on request to groups at workshops and conferences, at workshops I design, substitute for others, and when I travel,–bringing yoga to visitors to our piece of paradise in the Caribbean.

Some of my favorite offerings:

“Yoga for Self-compassion is a workshop for all but is particularly beneficial for those in a caregiving role, both family caregivers and health and social professionals.

Functional Yoga for Writers and Artisans focuses on the physical demands, posture and ergonomic needs writers and artisans who often do repetitive actions and maintain static positions for long periods.

Yoga and Writing/Journaling: A reflective practice where prompts are offered at designated times throughout the practice that is anywhere from 75 minutes to a 2-hour workshop, depending on the needs of the group. You will experience a body sensing practice where you bring the body to the page through a heart-opening practice. This session is suitable for any level of writer or individual. Some participants might already have a regular writing or journaling practice, some particpants may have a desire to start writing practice, or some participants may be experienced writers with a project in progress. The prompts will propel you forward in a reflective practice that you can continue at home.

What some of my participants say:

“I have never been able to get my body to relax into the poses like I have with you.” T.E.

“Coming to your class everyday over this week eased my lower back pain.” P. M., a traveller.

“Your cueing helped me really get into my body without having to look at what you, or others, were doing during the class.” M.E.

“You are so warm and welcoming with us newbies.” A group of women new to yoga while traveling.

Contact me if you are interested in private, semi-private or group sessions or to find out where I am teaching yoga next.

A perfect match

Yoga & Writing

I offer Yoga and writing/journaling workshops of varying lengths to groups on request, as well as at various yoga studios. Yoga helps open us up to receive and bring our body to the page. Whether you are a writer with a specific project in mind or if you want to explore this practice to deepen your writing, these sessions are effective.  

If you are interested in learning more, please contact me.

Kimberly Fraser practicing yoga outdoors
Kimberly Fraser smiling as she practices yoga outdoors
Kimberly Fraser practicing yoga outdoors


Workshops, Retreats & Other Events

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Articles & Essays 

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Yoga as a Self-Care and Resilience-Building Strategy for Family Caregivers
Yoga as a Self-Care and Resilience-Building Strategy for Family Caregivers

Yoga as a Self-Care and Resilience-Building Strategy for Family Caregivers

Yoga is an accessible self-care strategy for family caregivers. It not only provides direct benefits like physical and mental health promotion, but can also offer a sense of community and overall improvements to quality of life more generally.

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